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Office 2010 is one of microsofts flagship products. The standard in wordprocessing...

Microsoft office

Microsoft Office 2010 is suite of products produced by the US software giant Microsoft. It is generally accepted as the world standard in word processing, spreadsheets and general office production products and business’s and private individuals use it the world over having sold over 300 million licenses. The package only runs on the Microsoft windows operating system.

Office 2010 is one of a series of office products following on from Microsoft office 2007. This version prides itself on completely changing the user experience but in our opinion it is very similar to the previous versions but with a few added features and a few features removed.

What do you get with office 2010?

The business and home version includes the following:

Differences from previous versions of Microsoft office

A major difference from previous versions is that the package can be tailored to the user. An employer can tweak Microsoft office 2010 for each user, adding features or streamlining it for basic use. To the average user this may not seem like a big deal but to a corporation it means that they can make MS Word extremely easy to use for some of its less computer literate staff or max out the features for its experienced staff. It also means that they can make it a much easier package to use for everyone, only including the features that the user will need.

Author permissions were also added allowing the user to restrict access to any documents they create. This stops random people from messing with your word documents.

System requirements to run Microsoft office 2010

Depending on your work flow you may be able to get away with a lower specification system but these are the recommended minimum spec stated by Microsoft. The requirements for office 2010 are the same as for 2007, so if that works then 2010 should also work.

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